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Nursing Facilities Toolkit

Nursing Homes and Treasury’s Electronic Payments Requirement

People who live in nursing homes - and the organizations themselves - must comply with Treasury’s electronic payment requirement.

What Nursing Homes Need To Do

  • Determine which current residents receive a federal benefit payment by paper check and help them make the switch to direct deposit.
  • Review the guidelines on how to sign-up current residents for electronic payments.
  • Review intake procedures; ensure you are using the most current forms from the Social Security Administration and other paying agencies.
  • Review the guidelines for new admissions to sign-up current residents for electronic payments.


You can sign up on this website or call the U.S. Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at 1-877-874-6347. Click here for our current operating hours. You can also visit your local Social Security Administration office (this is usually required when a nursing facility is establishing representative payee status on behalf of a patient).

Please note:
Treasury’s regulation 31 CFR Part 210 permits payments to Skilled Nursing Facilities' Resident Trust Accounts if approved/authorized by the beneficiary. Please note that a representative payee may not authorize a beneficiary's payments into a Resident Trust Account.

Additional Resources

  • Contact list for transitioning federal benefit payments to direct deposit.
  • Customized newsletter article inform your patients, residents and their families about the electronic payments requirement.
  • Glossary of key words
  • Presentation that includes information on common situations nursing homes may encounter and how to help residents convert to direct deposit.